Sustainability report

Sustainability Report 2023

Our new Moderna Alimentos Sostenible (m.a.s), includes four fundamental pillars:

m.a.s Close

We strive to be m.a.s Close, promoting a culture of respect. 37% of our leadership positions are held by women, with the goal of reaching 40% by 2026.

Externally, we drive education in the vulnerable sectors where we operate. Currently, we have our Ñukata Kuyay Community Center in Colta, benefiting more than 90 children per school period. We will expand our reach to the city of Manta, where our largest operation is located.

m.a.s Clean Operations

Aware of the current environmental challenge, we are committed to managing and reducing our carbon footprint through m.a.s Clean Operations.

We are the only Ecuadorian food company with 3 plants certified as eco-efficient, through the successful implementation of 14 cleaner production projects, demonstrating better use of resources, waste management, and energy efficiency.

m.a.s Noble Foods

We have evolved from being raw material suppliers to an advisory company that anticipates market demands. We focus on developing m.a.s Noble Foods, with high quality and food safety standards.

In 2023, we introduced 11 innovative products and explored new categories to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) indicator clearly reflects this success, with 8 out of 10 customers preferring and recommending our products.

m.a.s Governance

Throughout 2023, we played a relevant role in our m.a.s Governance pillar: we incorporated the sustainability committee responsible for ensuring compliance with our sustainable model.

Thanks to our policies, codes of ethics and conduct, we did not have any sanctions for legal non-compliance of any kind; likewise, we did not record a single case of disrespect for human rights.

Sustainability Record Historic 2016 – 2022

Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report 2019

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Sustainability Report 2018

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Sustainability Report 2017

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Sustainability Report 2016

2016 was an exceptional year, full of challenges and changes that left us with a positive balance between the challenges assumed and the successes achieved. While the terrible episode of the earthquake that strongly affected our main plant in Manta was an opportunity to connect with what is truly important and give priority to the spirit of solidarity of all our employees…