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At Moderna Alimentos, we work aligned with our corporate values and our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which highlights that the company guarantees a work environment free of harassment, as well as fair treatment without discrimination, for hiring, promotion, compensation, and termination processes.

Moderna Food S.A

About Us

About Us
We are a national company that creates, produces and markets real, noble and complete foods, offering
quality value-added products. We are the largest wheat processors in the country and have the largest
production, marketing and distribution infrastructure in the national wheat and wheat derivative market. We
have production plants in Quito, Amaguaña, Cayambe, Cajabamba and Manta, five Distribution Centers,
strategically located in Calderón, Santo Domingo, Duran and Cuenca, as well as a marketing office in

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02-298 5100
Calle San Gabriel OE 7 - 89 y Nuño de Valderrama, La Gasca, Quito