Quality and

Quality and Food
Safety Certifications

Moderna Foods quality is recognized nationally and internationally.

100% percent of our products are elaborated in certified, quality, safe plants.

INEN Quality Seals

Recognition granted by the Ecuadorian Standardization Service to a product that meets the requirement and is produced under a quality management system.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Guarantees our quality and food safety in the handling and manipulation of food at every stage of the process.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Systematic process that ensures food safety. Risks and critical control points are analyzed to prevent chemical, physical and biological hazards.

Food Safety Management System (FSSC 22000)

Specifies the requirements to be met in the food supply chain, ensuring that products reach the consumer in perfect condition.

SEDEX Ethical Trade Audit

Ensures ethical and socially responsible production principles in the supply chain.

Whole Grain Certification

Guarantees the presence of whole grains among the main ingredients of the product.
- Bread YA
- Flour Integrated

Management System Policy

At Moderna Alimentos S.A., we produce flours, ground cereals and pack unground cereals, corn starch, and other wheat milling derivatives, bakery and pastry, prioritizing food safety throughout the entire value chain.

We regularly establish and review the objectives of the management systems to strengthen our focus on: quality, food safety, environmental care, industrial safety, occupational health and the well-being of our employees, in a respectful environment of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The personnel are trained and competent to meet quality and food safety standards in our products and processes. In addition, we promote innovation, effective communication with stakeholders and the protection of information.

We efficiently comply with food safety and quality requirements, physical security, legal framework, national and international standards. We prevent, control and monitor activities related to: corruption, bribery, money laundering, drug trafficking and bioterrorism.

Top Management supports this commitment and allocates the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the management systems. In this way, we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, the positive contribution to society, sustainability and the environment in which we operate.