Welcome to our Gourmet brand! We offer different options for the most demanding palates

Moderna Gourmet

Explore the variety of exquisite ingredients and let yourself be carried away by a delicious experience.

Gourmet Breads

Discover the culinary experience with Gourmet bread! Delight yourself with the exquisite fusion of blackberries, walnuts, cranberries, macadamias, and cereals.
Each bite is a journey of unique indulgence. Elevate your experiences with the distinction and exclusive flavor of our brand!

Find them in the following presentations:

  • Gourmet Blackberries and Walnuts Bread: 500g
  • Gourmet Red Berries and Almonds Bread: 500g
  • Gourmet Five Cereals Bread: 350 g and 675 g
  • Gourmet Honey and Bran Bread: 675 g
  • Gourmet Oat and Bran Bread: 350 g and 675 g
  • Gourmet Apple and Macadamia Bread: 500 g
  • Gourmet 7 Cereals Bread: 520 g and 680 g


Enjoy Christmas delicacy with Gourmet Panettones. With irresistible and unique flavors such as dulce de leche (sweet milk), mochaccino, nuts, and chocolate. A culinary experience to share and make Christmas even more special.

Find them in the following

  • Gourmet Paccari Panettone: 360 g
  • Gourmet Dulce de Leche and Nuts Panettone: 360 g
  • Gourmet Macadamia and Chocolate Panettone: 450 g
  • Gourmet Choco-Cranberries Panettone: 500 g
  • Gourmet Mochaccino Panettone: 450 g
  • Gourmet Almond and Nut Panettone: 360 g


Immerse yourself in the world of Gourmet snacks with our delicious healthy cupcakes: Apple with Cinnamon and Carrot with Walnuts. Designed to accompany lovers of the best ingredients and exquisite flavors in their daily lives.

Find them in the following presentations:

  • Apple with Cinnamon: 50 g
  • Carrot with Walnuts: 50 g


Ultra-thin and sturdy Gourmet toasts, ideal for consuming them on social occasions with your favorite dips. They offer nutritional benefits such as protein, fiber, and zero cholesterol.

Find them in the following presentations:

  • Whole Grain Gourmet Toasts: 140 g
  • Natural Gourmet Toasts: 140 g