With an Italian essence, we invite you to celebrate the here and now. We want you to fully enjoy every detail of each day. That's what Santorino is for.


Our story begins with the creation of pasta made from 100% Durum Wheat, which offers the highest quality and provides healthy nutrition along with exceptional taste.


Santorino® offers a variety of short and long pasta, perfect for accompanying our consumers in their everyday preparations or special dishes.

Enjoy our:

Tornillo (Fusilli), Corbata chica (Tripolini), Codo rayado (Chiffari Rigati), Macarrón
(Penne Rigate), Cabello de Ángel, Fettuccine, Tallarín (Linguine), Spaghetti in 400 g packages, and our delicious Lasagna in a 500 g package.

Whole Grains

For pasta lovers seeking whole grain options, we present Santorino Integral, a pasta made from high-quality wheat with a high fiber content that helps improve metabolism and digestion.

Enjoy Santorino Whole Grain Spaghetti in a 500 g package.