We work to be the most innovative brand of bakery products, being part of different consumption moments, providing the best quality every day.



Moderna Breads is a brand recognized for its high quality and great taste. It has a versatile portfolio as it adapts to the needs of different consumers of white bread, whole wheat, and bakery products.

Find them in the following presentations:

  • Whole wheat Bread: 350 g , 525 g and 575 g
  • White Bread: 525 g and 550 g
  • Whole Wheat Sandwich bread: 800 g
  • White Sandwich bread: 550 g and 800 g
  • Artisanal White Bread: 500 g
  • Whole wheat artisanal bread: 500 g
  • Hamburger Bread: 280 g and 560 g
  • Hot Dog Bread: 280 g and 560 g
  • ChocoBread Kids: 450 g


Discover a wide selection of Moderna panettones. From the classic candied fruits to the tempting chocolate chips, each bite of our panettones is full of authenticity and unmatched flavor.

Find it in the following presentations:

  • Panettone Manicho: 360g
  • Panettone Chocopanettone: 450g
  • Moderna Panettone: 200g, 420g, 500g, and 750g
  • Panettone Moderna Chocottone: 360g
  • Panettone Cocoa: 360g


Discover a delicious variety of snacks in our Moderna portfolio. From tasty pastries to delicious and crunchy ‘rosquitas.’ Satisfy your cravings with every bite!

Find them in the following presentations:

  • Whole Grain Ring-shaped snacks (Rosquitas integrales) : 180 g and 50 g
  • Natural Ring-shaped snacks (Rosquitas Naturales) : 180 g and 50 g
  • ChocoBoom (Chocolate covered snack): 63 g


Enjoy these toasts as a perfect snack for a nutritious and creative breakfast. They are an excellent option for those looking for a healthy and delicious alternative.

Find them in the following

  • Natural Toasts Moderna: 100 g
  • Whole Grain Toasts Moderna: 100 g
  • Fine Herbs Toasts: 90 g


The delicious and extra crispy flavor of Doradita breading, with excellent adhesion and less oil absorption, to give the perfect golden color to your favorite recipes and highlight the flavor of your meals.

Find it in the following presentations:

  • Doradita Breading: 150 g, 250 g and 500 g