“Alimenta la Mente”
Un podcast de Moderna Alimentos

Our first corporate podcast, “Alimenta la Mente,” aims to create dialogues on relevant business topics that add value for executives, clients, suppliers, and consumers.

We conceived this podcast as the ideal platform to generate an emotional connection with audiences through the narration of inspiring stories, personal transcendence, and professional success testimonies like yours.

Each episode of “Alimenta la Mente” is a unique and enriching journey. In this exciting first season, we will address four essential pillars: Customer Focus, Sustainability, Innovation, and Business Agility.

Join engaging conversations with industry leaders who share inspiring ideas and unique perspectives.

Customer Focus

The theme of our podcast, “Customer Focus,” reflects our firm conviction in the crucial importance of understanding the needs and expectations of our clients and consumers.

We explore strategies and practices that allow us to connect more effectively with our clients, ensuring that every interaction and product is relevant and beneficial.

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We explore sustainability with the firm conviction that it is essential for building a more equitable and sustainable future for all. As a society, we face significant environmental, social, and economic challenges, and we recognize the urgent need to understand and address these issues.

We are convinced that sustainability is crucial to ensuring the well-being of present and future generations.

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We chose the theme of innovation for our online podcast in line with our constant commitment to advancing in the industry and meeting the needs of our customers and consumers. We conceive innovation as a crucial factor for businesses, enabling sustained growth in an increasingly competitive market.

Through this podcast, we address ideas, technologies, and strategies that drive creativity and transformation, ensuring that our solutions are always at the forefront.

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Business Agility

In our Business Agility podcast, we explore how companies and their teams can adapt efficiently to market changes. Agility is an essential capability that enables organizations not only to survive but to thrive in a dynamic environment.

This podcast emphasizes the importance of adaptability at all levels of the company, offering insights and strategies to enhance flexibility and responsiveness during times of change.

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