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Flours for bakery

empaque harina

Gallitop premium flour

A brand with more than 100 years of history; high in protein and stability

empaque harina pani plus

Paniplus Premium Flour

The brand preferred by bakers for its high-protein, absorption and yield.

empaque harina

Estrella de Octubre Flour

Flour with good protein and stability.

empaque harina

Special Manta Flour

Bakery flour

empaque harina panadera

Super Panadera Flour

Bakery flour.

empaque harina tomebamba

Tomebamba Flour

Bakery flour.

Whole-grain flours

empaque harina paniplus integral

Paniplus Whole-wheat flour

fine grain whole-wheat flour
with 99% wheat grain.

empaque harina trigueñita

La Trigueñita Whole-wheat flour

Coarser whole-grain wheat flour with 95% wheat-grain.

Multi-purpose flour

empaque harina

Juan Pueblo Flour

Multi-purpose flour packed in cloth that can be reused to sew garments or different uses.

empaque harina trébol rojo

Trébol Rojo Flour

Multi-purpose flour with many years
of history and sold by the pound.

Specialized flours

empaque harina pasta plus

Pastaplus Flour

Specialized to make dry and fresh pasta.

empaque harina discoplus

Discoplus Flour

Ideal for empanada discs.

empaque harina key plus

Keyplus Flour

Ideal for making cakes or cupcakes.

empaque harina pizza plus

Pizzaplus Flour

Ideal for making pizza dough.

empaque harina bizcochera

La Bizcochera Flour

Special flour to make biscuits.