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Commercial options

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Bakery and pastry


Margarine and shortening for multiple uses in confectionery, bakery and gastronomy in general. Packaged as 15 kg, 27.5 kg and 50 kg.

empaque manteca empaque margarina
Mante Plus shortening. Marga Plus margarine.
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White, fine-grain or coarse-grain sugar in 50-kg packages.

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Bakery and

We are partners and distributors of Bakels, a world leader in bakery and pastry products. We have a wide portfolio of industrial supplies to make desserts and foods of the highest quality: premixes, baking powder, essences, yeast, creams, toppings and more.

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empaque bizcochox


Ideal for making biscuits of various flavors.

empaque núcleo mix

Core Mix

Cores for sweet and salty bakery with several presentations.

empaque chantilli


Premix to prepare Chantilly cream.

empaque pastelerax


Instant premix to make cold pastry cream.

empaque quequex


Base premixes to prepare orange, chocolate and vanilla cakes.

empaquer chocolate semi amargo

Semi-bitter chocolate

Semi-bitter chocolate-flavored coating in bar.

empaque polvo de hornear

Baking powder

Ideal for pastries and other preparations.

empaque pani listo

Pani Listo

Premix ready to make sweet bread.

empaque levadura

Platinum Yeast

Active, instant dry yeast.

empaque rich whip

Rich’s whip topping

Topping and filling for pastries.

empaque rich grand prestige

Rich’s Grand American Prestige

Topping and filling for pastries.

empaque crema avellana

Hazelnut cream with cocoa

Delicious for toppings and fillings for bakery and pastries.