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We are a company committed to families’ mealtimes, leaders in the milling industry, with a successful trajectory of more than 110 years.


To be the most innovative and sustainable food company in Ecuador.


To be part of families’ times of nourishment and well-being.



We take charge, without excuses, to achieve our goals.


We are the example to follow in all actions. We seek coherence between what we think, say and do.


The enthusiasm and commitment with which we work are evident.


We perform with discipline, focus and quality to exceed all standards.



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Founding of Molino Electromoderno in Cajabamba.


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Founding of Panificadora Moderna.

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Founding of Molinos del Ecuador in Guayaquil.

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Seaboard and Contigroup acquire Molinos del Ecuador.

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Moderna starts producing packaged bread.

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Moderna acquires Molinera Manta.

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The merger of 3 companies in the milling sector begins:

Molino Electromoderno.
Molinos del Ecuador.

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Strategic acquisition of Molinos la Unión to expand new segment: pasta.


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New mission and vision as AN INTEGRAL FOOD COMPANY.

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We are a company committed to families’ nourishment and well-being, a leader in the milling industry and with a successful trajectory of more than 110 years.

A history of pride and tradition

We are an Ecuadorian food company that has been contributing to the development of the country since 1909.

In 2008 we consolidated as Moderna Alimentos by merging Molino Electromoderno (Cajabamba), Panificadora Moderna (Quito) and Molinos del Ecuador (Guayaquil). In 2018 we positioned ourselves as leaders in the milling industry in Ecuador.

In response to market challenges and global trends, with a sustainable, high-quality approach, we produce and market wheat-based products and their derivatives to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

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Corporate Governance

We have clear, structured and transparent corporate governance, with authority and motivation to make ethical and responsible decisions in response to the economic, social and environmental concerns and expectations of the Company’s internal and external stakeholders. This increases levels of perception and trust.

Our main focus is to ensure the Company’s sustainability, identify and manage the risks associated with its operation, as well as to plan, control and improve processes to achieve the projected goals.

Our shareholding structure is composed of domestic and foreign capital, which strengthens our solvency and experience.

and Awards


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CSR Committed Company: CEMEFI – Mexico

First company in the milling industry with Eco-Efficient Company certification
 Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition – Ecuador

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 SRC Socially Responsible Company: CERES – Ecuador.

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2 SDG Best Practices Awards
Global Pact –Ecuador
Cultiva Program (2017)
Emprende Program (2020)


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Whole-Grain Certification (2018) 
Moderna bread

Brand of the Year
Logo WOW (2001 – Ekos)
Top of mind (2021 – Kantar)

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Superior Taste Award

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Three stars (2015)
Moderna Gourmet Bread with five grains.

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Two stars (2015)
Moderna Gourmet Bread with honey and bran. Moderna Gourmet bread with Apple and macadamia. Moderna Gourmet Bread with blackberries and walnuts.

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Two stars (2019)
Panettone Moderna / Pacari.

Superior taste award (2022)

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