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Planet - Latido

We implement cleaner production initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and using resources efficiently, mitigating our impact on the environment.

We have received several awards and certifications thanks to our responsible production operations and our management of social and ecological projects.

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100% of our pastas are environmentally friendly

as they are produced with self-generated renewable energy.

5.1% reduced energy intensity

compared to 2019.

77% of our forklift

fleet is electric.

2,092 t CO2 was not emitted into the environment
because of use of self-generated renewable power.

82,753 kg of recyclable

waste delivered to local managers.

+720 employees participated

in the environmental awareness campaign “A Footprint from Home.”

6.084 MWh generados

por nuestra hidroeléctrica en Cayambe.

3 Green Point Certifications

for the Manta Plant.

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1 Eco-Efficient Company Certification

for the Cajabamba Plant.

Planeta Latido - Moderna Alimentos

En Moderna Alimentos, latimos al ritmo del planeta porque estamos 100% comprometidos con preservar y cuidar nuestro ambiente. Con esta campaña buscamos inspirar a más personas a unirse a estas iniciativas y lograr un mundo sostenible y responsable con el ambiente. ¿Y tú lates al ritmo del planeta?


Planeta Latido - Moderna Alimentos

Manta: Eco-efficient production Plant

In August 2022, our Manta production plant was certified as Eco-efficient. To obtain this award by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, we implemented five Clean Production projects that were qualified as Punto Verde.


Planeta Manta - Moderna Alimentos

Cajabamba: Eco-Efficient Plant

We are the first industry in the milling sector recognized as an Eco-efficient Company for our Plant in Cajabamba. This certification is issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water and endorses our comprehensive, sustainable operation, complying with clean production processes, efficient use of raw materials and supplies, responsible water management, energy efficiency, investment and innovation.


Cajabamba: Eco-Efficient Plant