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We improve quality of life for our employees, suppliers and people in vulnerable situations in the communities where we operate.

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83,970 face masks and 1,004 biosecurity kits

delivered to employees, transporters and their families.

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100% virtual and face-to-face medical and psychological assistance

for employees.

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15 training events to promote physical and mental health

available to employees.

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+310 employees trained in computer tools

to support their work.

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178,837 kg of food delivered to 99,354 families

in 37 cities of the country.

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USD 50,000 delivered to 5 social assistance institutions

benefiting from projects to confront the pandemic.

Ñukata Kuyay Community Center

We sponsor this center located in Colta (Chimborazo province) to help children develop their intelligence and personality. We provide a comprehensive approach through technology, science and art. With this program we contribute to SDG 10, Reduction of Inequalities.


Ñukata Kuyay Community Center

Cultiva Program

The Cultiva Program promotes domestic wheat production, with a profitable business model for medium and small farmers in Chimborazo, Carchi, Bolívar and Imbabura, accompanying the cultivation process and guaranteeing purchase of 100% of their crops. In this way, we contribute to SDG 1, End poverty.


Cultiva Program