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Development Goals

At Moderna Alimentos, we strengthen our sustainability strategy by incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the business approach. In our value chain we contribute to the fulfillment of the following SDGs.

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1. End poverty

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We generated more than 700 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect jobs, including suppliers, carriers, contractors and service professionals.

2. Zero hunger

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We contributed to feeding 99,354 families affected by the pandemic nationwide by delivering 178,837.93 kg of food through 191 institutions.

3. Health & Wellness

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89% of our portfolio has green and yellow “traffic light” labels, which shows that our products contain less than 15% sugar, 20% fat and 0.06% sodium.

4. Quality education

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We implemented the CONTRIGO program to support the education and training of our employees, with the purpose of caring for their well-being and that of their families.

5. Gender equality

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We promote equity as an important part of the diversity of work teams; we have 177 women in various positions within the company.

7. Affordable, clean energy

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We avoided the generation of 2,092.57 t of CO2 eq with the self-consumption of non-polluting renewable energy produced by our hydroelectric plant.

8. Decent work and economic growth

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We support the creation of enterprises in the communities where we operate. We have consolidated five projects in Cajabamba, Cayambe, Manta and Quito.

10. Reducing inequalities

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We contributed to the education and progress of 120 children from Cajabamba, helping them to break out of social exclusion and generate a life project in the Ñukata Kuyay Center.

12. Responsible production and consumption

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We increased the purchase of wheat through our Cultiva Program: we acquired 2,309 t to improve the quality of life of 572 farmers.

13. Climate action

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We developed activities to protect and care for the environment. For implementing CPM projects, we have received three Punto Verde Certifications and one as an Eco-Efficient Company.