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Through our third Materiality Survey in 2020, we identified the needs and expectations of our stakeholders regarding the Company’s economic, social and environmental performance. We focused on 11 key issues relevant to the implementation of our sustainability strategy.

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serve the

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We redesigned the panettone Gourmet boxes to facilitate product handling.

We accompanied consumers during confinement with several face-to-face and virtual activities.

We provided personalized attention to our customers in order to meet their needs and product requirements.

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We ensured the handling of sensitive information and information security through training.

We organized awareness campaigns to strengthen good practices in using technologies.

We reinforced cybersecurity levels with new technologies.

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We trained employees in customer service and use computer software.

We improved the adaptability and efficiency of teleworking.

We developed process automation initiatives in the production chain.

We promoted the “SkillUp” Competitive Funds Program together with ESPOCH.

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We distributed our products through new and different channels to meet consumer demand during the lockdown.

We created Canal Hogar as our own home delivery service.

We supported consumers with our urban bread cart to purchase our products without an app.

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We reduced electricity consumption with three Cleaner Production projects:

31.98% by replacing fluorescent tubes with LED lamps in Cajabamba.

20.61% by efficiency in the wheat unloading process in Cajabamba.

74.19% with an electric variable-speed drive when receiving wheat in Manta.

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impact on

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We support the Cecilia Rivadeneira, El Rostro de Jesús, Fe y Alegría, Hogar Padre Saturnino López, and Casa de la Caridad Foundations.

We benefitted national farmers by acquiring more than 2,300 tons of wheat.

We delivered food through foundations and benefited 37 Ecuadorian cities.

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We identified activities with the greatest potential to reduce GHG emissions and proposed strategies, with our carbon footprint baseline.

We renewed 77% of our internal-combustion fleet by leasing electric forklifts; this reduces more than 23 tons of CO2 per year.

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We introduced YA! Multisemillas to the market: flour combined with quinoa, oats, rye and flaxseed, a functional product with nutritional contributions.

We created the new 100% oat pancake to contribute to the health and nutrition of our customers and consumers, with a quality product.

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on customers

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We trained distributors on quality issues such as correct storage, distribution and transportation practices, financial management and marketing strategies.

We help customers to improve their business strategies, with initiatives such as Neighborhood Bakeries, Baking for a Dream and Proud to be a Baker.

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We produce and market products that adapt to the new needs of our consumers, in both packaging and nutritional benefits.

We have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for 90% of our cardboard packaging.

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We generate strategic alliances to strengthen the distribution and marketing of our products.

We contribute to small businesses in the Guayas province, in partnership with the Karla Morales Foundation.

We sponsor the first children’s ethics and values contest “Crecer Honesto”, (Growing Up Honest) organized by the Quito Chamber of Commerce.