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Through our third Materiality Survey in 2020, we identified the needs and expectations of our stakeholders regarding the Company’s economic, social and environmental performance. We focused on 11 key issues relevant to the implementation of our sustainability strategy.

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serve the

We provided personalized service to more than 1,200 B2B clients to meet their needs and help them enhance their business.

We developed ‘Two Pack Blackberry and Nuts’ and ‘Two Pack Chocopan,’ delicious and nutritious snacks, ready to consume at any time of day.

We contribute our consumers’ health and well-being by communicating the nutritional benefits of our portfolio and promoting healthy lifestyles.


We raise awareness in 100% of our staff of the importance of using secure passwords, safeguarding information, and protecting the company’s assets.

We implemented identity management, a critical process to manage access to the organization’s resources and data, guaranteeing users’ authenticity and integrity.


We created a centralized Data Warehouse to store and retrieve all the company’s information safely and reliably.

We improved the adaptability and efficiency of teleworking.

We implemented an automated solution to generate profit-and-loss and portfolio financial statements.

We improved our acquisition process management by implementing SAP Ariba. With the supplier creation function, we add and manage information efficiently.


We implemented project Águila (Eagle) so that consumers find our products at stores near their homes easily. We have 25 distribution routes that will expand with time.


We renewed the lighting system and changed fluorescent tubes for LED tubes, reaching a 32% electricity-use reduction. (Cajabamba Plant)

We reduced 21% electricity-use in the wheat downloading process. (Manta Plant)

We optimized the wheat reception process, with a 73% electricity-use reduction in that area. (Cajabamba Plant)

impact on

We contributed to feeding 46,569 people in a situation of vulnerability by donating 55,882 kg of bread to 12 foundations by Compartiendo Sonrisas program.

We contributed to the integral development of 1,347 children in the Colta canton from the Ñukata Kuyay Community Development Center by teaching academic, artistic and recreational disciplines.

We contributed 1,590 kg of food for bakery and pastry-making training workshops to Centros de Adolescentes Infractores – CAI (Teen Offender Centers) in Esmeraldas, Guayaquil, Quito, and Riobamba.


We avoided generating 3,617 tCO2eq, equal to preserving 185 hectares of native forest, through self-generating clean energy and implementing optimization projects for materials, circular economy, energy efficiency, and fossil fuel use reduction.

Development of
Healthy Products

We developed YA wheat semolina, a high-quality and versatile product used in different recipes. It is a source of energy, rich in protein and essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Furthermore, its high fiber content and low saturated fats percentage help to maintain a healthy digestive system.

on customers

We implemented technical and marketing training workshops to boost the development of 60 bakeries throughout the country.

We designed the Cambio Extremo (Extreme Makeover) project to improve the appearance and presentation of four bakeries in Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil. We adapt to each client’s specific needs and requirements to offer a broad range of options to help them stand out and offer unique, high-quality products.


We implemented the ‘Me cuido porque me quiero’ (Take Care of Myself, Love Myself) digital communication campaign which promotes self-love with inspirational messages and nutritional tips that highlight the benefits of whole bread in a daily diet.

100% of our cardboard packaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to preserve forests and their social, cultural, and environmental values.


We participated in the ‘El Día que Nutrimos el Futuro’ (The Day We Nourished the Future) initiative carried out on the 28th of May by Corporación Favorita, Fundación Favorita, and Red para la Nutrición Infantil – REDNI (Network for Child Nutrition). Thanks to this project, $685,276 were raised and handed to REDNI to execute programs that provide comprehensive care to 600 expectant mothers in the Chimborazo, Pichincha, Bolívar, and Guayas provinces. These programs include gynecological attention to pregnant women, nutritional advice and counseling, food assistance, and pediatric attention to babies during the first 1,000 days of life.